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HVAC Related General Queries

Questions and guides related to the HVAC aspect of Pioneer HVAC equipment

Pioneer Lineset Diameter Reference Guide

The below tables will match the line set diameter to the Indoor unit, rather than the outdoor. For single-zone equipment, the connection diameter on the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are the same. For multi-zone equipment, typically the connection

What type of oil is used with the unit?

Polyolester (POE) or Polyvinylether (PVE) oil.

How to Locate a Pioneer Model Number or Serial Number

The model number on a Pioneer outdoor unit is almost always found on the gray colored nameplate/namebadge that is physically fixed onto the system, on the right hand side. Check your outdoor unit's nameplate for the model number. An example of a Pion

How to Apply Pioneer Flare Leak Guard

Leak Guard is a gasket and thread sealant used in HVAC/R systems, and is commonly applied to flare fittings to ensure a tight, leak-free seal. Pioneer Leak Guard packet. Here's the safest and most effective way to apply Pioneer Leak Guard to flare ma

Why would a ductless mini split freeze up on the inside air handler if its cooling reasonably well, the filters are clean, and the level of refrigerant charge is proper?

When a ductless mini-split system freezes up at the indoor air handler, it is often due to issues with airflow or temperature settings, even if the filters are clean and the refrigerant charge is proper. Here are some potential reasons why this might