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Quantum Series Systems (WYS/CYB/RYB/UYB/FYB)

Error codes and troubleshooting for Pioneer Mini Split Quantum Inverter+ and Inverter++ series single and multi-zone systems.

Error Code PC 03 (PC03)

Scope of Models Covered:. This code appears when the system detects that internal refrigerant levels are imbalanced. The first things to check are... For other instances of the error, some additional troubleshooting can be followed via below steps.

Error Code E1 / EL 01 (EL01)

Scope of Models Covered:. This error indicates that the indoor unit and outdoor unit cannot successfully communicate. If this is a new or recent installation, check each of the communication cables carefully, and tug on each wire (there are a total o

Error Code EL 0C (EL0C, ELOC, EL OC)

Error Code EL 0C - Refrigerant Leakage DetectionThe "EC" or "EL 0C" code is an error that comes up because the system detects low refrigerant. This can happen on a new install for a number of reasons:1. The valves on the outdoor unit are not open all

Error Code P0 (PC00)

You may also use this youtube video to reference the troubleshooting for this error code(0:00 - 3:30): Troubleshooting Diagram:.

How to Check the Resistance of a Pioneer Temperature Sensor

For this process, you will need a multimeter capable of measuring resistance readings. A Digital Multimeter. Set the meter to read resistance.First, you must disassemble your particular Pioneer system and gain access to the system control board. This