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Questions and Answers regarding the Features of Pioneer Split systems

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Can a single zone mini-split be used with multiple indoor units?

No. If multiple zones (indoor units) are needed, you must purchase a multi-zone system. The selection, dual, triple, quad, etc., is up to the buyer, and is dependent on the number of distinct zones, as well as the layout of the dwelling. Single-zone

How is power received into the units?

Only the outdoor unit is connected to the main power supply. There is a 4 lead interconnecting cable which then links the outdoor and indoor units together, giving the indoor unit power as well. The unit must be hard-wired, not plugged, into its own

What is the life expectancy of the air conditioner system?

If properly installed and maintained according to the included manuals, the system should last as long as any standard HVAC equipment, for at least 10 years or more.

What does “multi-zone” mean?

Zones are usually interpreted as the entirety of an open area. If you require temperature control of two areas that are closed off from one another, you would need a dual-zone system. Single-zone systems can be with large enough capacities to take ca

How do I use my Pioneer Rewards Points when shopping?

After accumulating enough points to reach a reward tier, you can use the rewards window to convert your points into a coupon code, and convert it into a discount code using the below instructions.

All About Energy-Star Tax Credits and Rebates for Pioneer Split Systems

For the year 2023 until 2032, the government has established a Federal initiative to reward the purchase of eco-friendly high efficiency HVAC equipment, in the form of a tax credit. There may also be other local incentives, grants, and rebates in you