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How to Locate a Pioneer Model Number or Serial NumberUpdated 10 months ago

Locating Model Numbers

Locating the Outdoor Unit Model Number of your Pioneer System

The model number on a Pioneer outdoor unit is almost always found on the gray colored nameplate/namebadge that is physically fixed onto the system, on the right hand side.

Check your outdoor unit's nameplate for the model number

An example of a Pioneer outdoor unit model number

Locating the Indoor Unit Model Number of your Pioneer System

The indoor unit's model number is also located on the nameplate badge, but the location of the nameplate will vary depending on the type of indoor unit.

For wall-type units, it is also found on the right-hand side of the unit itself.

Check the right-side of your wall-type indoor unit for the nameplate and model number

An example of a Pioneer indoor unit model number

Locating Serial Numbers

Locating the Outdoor Unit Serial Number of your Pioneer System

Serial numbers for Pioneer systems are generally found on a white barcode sticker located somewhere on the unit.Barcode with serial numberIn our previous example, the serial number can be easily found beneath the outdoor unit's nameplate.

Pioneer Outdoor unit serial number

Just like the outdoor unit, the indoor unit's serial number is most often found beneath the nameplate.

Indoor Unit Serial Number

WYT-Series (Diamante) Systems

For WYT/WT type indoor units, the serial number may be in a different location. Some batches have the serial number barcode sticker located behind the front or the electronic control box cover, for extra protection from the elements.

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