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How to Check the Resistance of a Pioneer Temperature SensorUpdated 2 months ago

Temperature Sensors and Their Proper Resistance Values for Pioneer Split Equipment (Quantum Series)

For this process, you will need a multimeter capable of measuring resistance readings.

A Digital Multimeter. Set the meter to read resistance.First, you must disassemble your particular Pioneer system and gain access to the system control board. This is the location where the temperature sensors plug in to.

Check the connection between the sensor and the PCB, to make sure it is plugged securely. Some temperature sensor related errors can occur due to non-secured connections.

Then, unplug the sensor completely, and using the two probes of the meter that is set to read resistance, measure the resistance value of the sensor as well as the current outdoor temperature.

Use the meter's two probes and record the resistance reading.

Once you have recorded the value, compare it against the reference charts given below. By doing so, you can confirm whether or not the sensor has faulted. The proper resistance value can be found next to the current outdoor temperature reading. 

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