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Ceiling Mounted CYB Quantum Series

Technical Questions Regarding CYB-22 Quantum Inverter++ Ceiling-Mounted Equipment

How do I switch between °F and °C on the RG10 remote?

To switch between °F and °C on the RG10A4(D1)/BGEFU1 handheld remote, lightly hold down the up and down arrows together for 5 seconds. Be sure to hold them down gently, if you press too hard then it will not work.

Wiring the Pioneer CYB Cassette Panel to the Air Handler

On the CYB/CB series decorative cassette panel, there are 3 wires that hang off of the panel itself. The three wires that come off of the decorative pane for the CYB/CB series ceiling cassettes. A closer view of the 3 wires. The first black head conn