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My indoor unit came without filters. Help!Updated a year ago

All Pioneer mini splits include air filters for the indoor air handlers by default. Do not be alarmed, you might find that you're not actually missing your air filter after reading the below.

Explanation of Anti-Dust Indoor Unit Filters on the Diamante Ultra Series

If you received your order and your indoor model starts with "WT" and ends in "22HLD", then your model is a newer design that has the anti-dust filters located on top of the unit, rather than the typical "slide-out" filters that are found behind the front panel.

This is not a mistake or a manufacturing flaw, rather, this design is a significant improvement because it covers 100% of the incoming air. Standard slide-out filters have been demonstrated to only capture between 93 to 95% of incoming air. There are no slide out filters available for this model, it just uses the top one and the small auxiliary front ones for air freshening.

Some production batches have been confirmed to have an outdated page on the manual that indicates that this model has front slide-out filters, but this is not the case. Please refer to the below instructions and diagrams for information regarding the filter on this series.

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