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How to Display the Current Indoor Temperature on a Diamante Ultra SystemUpdated a year ago

This article details how to get your unit to display the current room temperature that is detected by the indoor unit.

Step 1: Power on the remote controller.

Step 2: Press "FAN", "MODE", and the "UP-DOWN SWING” together at the same time for 5 seconds. The remote controller will enter the parameter inquiry function, and display "00".

Step 3: Change this value by pressing the temperature setting button, and select your desired parameter (in this case, 01).

This is a general parameter code list; some models may not have these parameters: 

  • 01: Indoor room temperature
  • 02: Indoor coil temperature
  • 03: Outdoor temperature
  • 04: Outdoor coil temperature
  • 05: Compressor discharge temperature
  • 06: Unit running current 
  • 07: Display error code (if there is no error code, display '--')
  • 11: Compressor frequency
  • 12: Indoor fan speed
  • 13: Outdoor fan speed
  • 14: Compressor current
  • 15: Expansion valve opening degree

Step 4: Point the remote controller towards the indoor unit and press the "MODE" button. The indoor unit will display the corresponding parameter for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Power off the remote controller to quit the inquiry interface.

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